Hi guys, i’m Mehreen. Most of my friends call me Mez though, so whatever goes. Im 22 years old and since I was 14/15 I have wanted to write a blog but never had the courage. I consider myself quite creative, I love to write and honestly I LOVE to talk! Ask anyone who knows me, I am that ‘her stories never end’ friend.

Another thing I am passionate about is becoming a healthier happier person every day, so I mixed the two together. My blog will focus mainly on wholesome food and recipes, general posts regarding both physical health and mental wellbeing and some (natural) beauty and skincare. If i’m feeling like a typical girl there may be some fashion thrown in there! My primary goal is to share things with you guys that might help you on your journeys to healthier lives 🙂

Feel free to interact with me guys, I’m friendly I promise.

Love, Mehreen