The importance of SPF!!

So its getting warmer.. you have your summer clothes at the ready, packed your little cross body bag with essentials and are about to get out the house and enjoy the weather? Hold up for a second girl (or boy), take a U turn and get right back inside to smooth on some SPF. Even now in 2017 I still don’t think everyone is aware of the negative effects the suns UVA & UVB rays can have on us if we dont wear spf. If you think spf is only needed in summer, then you thought wrong- we need spf in the winter too! The sun may be further away in winter but can still have damaging effects regardless.

We love the sun (specially us guys in the UK who don’t see enough of it) and yes it IS good for you. It provides your body with much needed vitamin D, has scientifically been proven to improve moods and gets your skin looking golden (JLO glow yes please)


Too much sun however, alongside too little protection from the sun can cause sun spots, pigmentation, WRINKLES, pre mature ageing, burning, skin peeling and at worst skin cancer. I can’t stress the importance of it enough and have been using it DAILY, all year round since I was 16. 

Let me help you guys understand the numbers on spf moisturisers if you’re not sure. Spf ranges from 2 all the way till 70 or more. The higher the number of spf the longer it protects, e.g. if you can only sit in the sun for 10 minutes before you burn, spf 15 lengthens that time by 15.. so with spf 15 you could sit in the sun for 150 before you burn (of course this is a general rule). I personally use a MINIMUM of spf 30 in the spring/summer and generally am the same in winter. Occasionally you might catch me with spf 15 on a darker winter day but as im getting laser hair treatment at the moment, the sun can increase my chances of scarring or pigmentation so i’m very careful with protecting my skin from the sun.


Below are my 2 favourite spf lotions for my face. For my body, most spf lotions will do however for my face I SPECIFICALLY use ones made for use on the face as others tend to break me out or look greasy. 

Body Shop Vitamin C glow protect lotion SPF 30 – £15.00
Personally my ultimate favourite, smells amazing and soaks in quickly and doesn’t leave a white film on my face.


La roche-posay anthelios comfort sun cream SPF 30 – £15.50
Great protection, fragrance free so not irrtating however does take some rubbing in before it disappears into skin.


I really hope hope this has helped some of you guys out and thank you for reading!

Love Mehreen,




Author: findthebalance

Hi guys :) I'm Mehreen (my friends call me mez). Im 22 years old and since I was 14/15 I have wanted to blog but never had the courage. I consider myself quite creative, I love to write and honestly I LOVE to talk! Ask anyone who knows me, I am that dramatic 'her stories never end' friend. Another thing I am passionate about is becoming a healthier happier person every day. My blog will focus mainly on wholesome food and recipes, general posts regarding both physical health and mental wellbeing and some (natural) beauty and skincare. If i'm feeling like a typical girl there may be some fashion thrown in there! Feel free to interact with me guys, I'm friendly I promise. Love, Mehreen xxxx

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