Detoxing/Starting a healthy lifestyle

We’ve all been there, whether it was a holiday/special occasion, or if you’re like me and simply have no self control around pasta and cheese and everything oh so good but oh so bad. I think I was born with a huge appetite (and a decent metabolism) but ALWAYS loved keeping healthy.

Even as a child i loved fruit and veggies and was the designated ‘finish off everyones vegetables when mum turned around’ sibling… but then later in life I reached hell on earth, final year of uni and the stress of third year hit me like a tonne of bricks causing some weight gain in a few months. Looking back, it was likely due to my bad eating habits, such as starving all day then binge eating at night whilst studying. I had never had a problem with weight gain before which is why i guess it got to me the way it did. Being the worrier I am I stressed about the way I looked and it was just an endless cycle. Instead of fixing things I comfort ate all the bad stuff and stopped giving my body the care it needed. I woke up one morning feeling crappy and just like in the movies I had a light bulb moment and made a change to my life THERE AND THEN because tomorrow never comes for me.
So over the past couple of years I’ve learnt a few tips and tricks to kick start you back into a healthy lifestyle and help you detox from unhealthy time periods, or simply to just start a healthy lifestyle in general.

1) Lemon water/Detox water/Green Tea
So any detox water options will do, there are plenty of recipes out there including mint/cucumber/berries but classic ol’ lemon water has to be my go to. It flushes toxins out and helps clean out your system! T.m.i but it keeps you regular and also prevents bloating. Green tea is also good for the same purpose.

My extra-ness applied to some lemon water.

2) Get a sweat on!
Yep you heard me- get sweaty people. Nothing like a good workout to boost endorphins (happy chemicals), plus you release toxins in your sweat. It doesn’t mean you have to torture yourself on a treadmill for 2 hours. Go for a walk, dance, jump on a trampoline- anything, just MOVE.

3) Eat Clean
Yep i know, obvious one. Eating fresh nutritius foods however, is something you should be treating your body with everyday. Yes i see a huge cheesy pizza as a treat but i also see a huge salad full of goodness as a treat too. Eating healthy shouldn’t be a chore but a way of life. Find healthy foods you enjoy and make different recipes out of them. Try new ones too! You might surprise yourself.

Once again, totally unnecessary to present fruit like this but I am so Extra about everything in life.

4) Take a Hot Bath
Yes girl (or guy!).. you heard me correct. A hot bath. A nice hot bubble bath with maybe a lush comforter bubble bar and tisty tosty bath bomb (clearly my favourites). On a serious note though, hot baths can increase metabolism, get your circulation going and also cause your pores to open and make you sweat which can help clear up your skin too.

5) Prepare in advance
This one helped me a lot. Preparing your meals can save you from grabbing processed junk when you dont have time to cook. If you don’t like eating prepped/portioned meals (im not a big fan myself, it gets boring) then you can at least write down or plan a variety of options you can cook for yourself.

Remember you do not have to be completely strict either, its okay to eat that dominos pizza thats calling your name in an oh so persuasive manner, or a slice of Nando’s cheesecake when you’re out. It’s cool.. Balance is the key. Thank you for reading.

Love, Mehreen



Author: findthebalance

Hi guys :) I'm Mehreen (my friends call me mez). Im 22 years old and since I was 14/15 I have wanted to blog but never had the courage. I consider myself quite creative, I love to write and honestly I LOVE to talk! Ask anyone who knows me, I am that dramatic 'her stories never end' friend. Another thing I am passionate about is becoming a healthier happier person every day. My blog will focus mainly on wholesome food and recipes, general posts regarding both physical health and mental wellbeing and some (natural) beauty and skincare. If i'm feeling like a typical girl there may be some fashion thrown in there! Feel free to interact with me guys, I'm friendly I promise. Love, Mehreen xxxx

2 thoughts on “Detoxing/Starting a healthy lifestyle”

  1. Wow, your blog is amazing. You have give the information about evrything and made it sound so simple. Deffo going to follow the advice. Keep up the good work


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