Heyyyyyyyyy there..


This is nerve wracking… Here goes- my first post.

I think I should maybe start by telling you guys a little bit about what I want to focus this blog on. Most of my posts will be regarding health and wellbeing, most often food, (MY FAVOURITE TOPIC) and also recipes and ingredients. I will also probably talk about skincare/beauty, in particular the natural kind. I’ve always been the kind of person to keep a diary (or give my best friends a headache from my talking on a daily basis) so this blog will sometimes end up having my thoughts spilled out into a post.

I am by no means a health/fitness/beauty expert-had to get that out there! Nope, i’m just a regular 20 something year old graduate, trying to make something of myself and stay healthy whilst I do it. I think that’s all for now, until next time…

Love, mehreen


Author: findthebalance

Hi guys :) I'm Mehreen (my friends call me mez). Im 22 years old and since I was 14/15 I have wanted to blog but never had the courage. I consider myself quite creative, I love to write and honestly I LOVE to talk! Ask anyone who knows me, I am that dramatic 'her stories never end' friend. Another thing I am passionate about is becoming a healthier happier person every day. My blog will focus mainly on wholesome food and recipes, general posts regarding both physical health and mental wellbeing and some (natural) beauty and skincare. If i'm feeling like a typical girl there may be some fashion thrown in there! Feel free to interact with me guys, I'm friendly I promise. Love, Mehreen xxxx

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