Surviving University!

So this is definitely a little different from my usual posts, it’s much more lifestyle based as opposed to my usual topic of food! It’s also a LOOOOOOONG post so be prepared. I can clearly remember being a naive and rather mollycoddled 18 year old, fresh out of school and ready to be thrown into the so called independent ‘adult’ world of University. I also remember repeatedly being told by people already at or finished from University that it would be ‘the best three years of your life’ and ‘University days are the best days’.


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The importance of SPF!!

So its getting warmer.. you have your summer clothes at the ready, packed your little cross body bag with essentials and are about to get out the house and enjoy the weather? Hold up for a second girl (or boy), take a U turn and get right back inside to smooth on some SPF. Even now in 2017 I still don’t think everyone is aware of the negative effects the suns UVA & UVB rays can have on us if we dont wear spf. If you think spf is only needed in summer, then you thought wrong- we need spf in the winter too! The sun may be further away in winter but can still have damaging effects regardless. Continue reading “The importance of SPF!!”

Avocado Toast 2 Ways

I don’t even know when avocados became ‘a thing’. I just know that recently, it feels like they’re no longer just merely a fruit, but are now a fashion statement and a benchmark of how social media savvy you are. It apparently seems you’re cool if you take pictures of fancy avocado toast and upload it onto Instagram, and if you wear avocado apparel and accessories . I’m a hardcore avocado lover, they taste amazing and I was eating them well before it was fashionable, but i do secretly love all the avo’ merchandise and once considered getting a half and half avocado necklace for me and my bestie from Etsy, (guilty pleasure). All that aside, it truly is a delicious fruit with so many amazing health benefits including: Continue reading “Avocado Toast 2 Ways”

Detoxing/Starting a healthy lifestyle

We’ve all been there, whether it was a holiday/special occasion, or if you’re like me and simply have no self control around pasta and cheese and everything oh so good but oh so bad. I think I was born with a huge appetite (and a decent metabolism) but ALWAYS loved keeping healthy. Continue reading “Detoxing/Starting a healthy lifestyle”

Heyyyyyyyyy there..

This is nerve wracking… Here goes- my first post.

I think I should maybe start by telling you guys a little bit about what I want to focus this blog on. Most of my posts will be regarding health and wellbeing, most often food, (MY FAVOURITE TOPIC) and also recipes and ingredients. I will also probably talk about skincare/beauty, in particular the natural kind. I’ve always been the kind of person to keep a diary (or give my best friends a headache from my talking on a daily basis) so this blog will sometimes end up having my thoughts spilled out into a post.

I am by no means a health/fitness/beauty expert-had to get that out there! Nope, i’m just a regular 20 something year old graduate, trying to make something of myself and stay healthy whilst I do it. I think that’s all for now, until next time…

Love, mehreen